Windermere Helps Local Homeowner

RentonWindermere Renton is taking on an admirable project for Community Service Day 2015. On Friday, their office will be closed so staff and brokers can work together to clean up and maintain the yard of a local homeowner facing hardship. The widowed homeowner in the Renton Highlands is in need of help, and with no family around to help maintain her yard and home, the office has stepped forward to lend a helping hand.

The home is on a large property, so the brokers and staff of Windermere Renton will be doing quite a bit of yard work for her that day. They’ll mowing, weeding and cleaning up the yard and garden. They’ll also be spreading beauty bark in the gardens and flower beds to spruce up the property.

Thank you, Windermere Renton, for helping a local homeowner in need!

Renton 3
Renton 2

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