Maple Valley

Named one of the Top 10 Family Cities in 2011 by Family Circle magazine, Maple Valley in King County, Washington perfectly combines tranquility and affability.

It lies amidst a lush forest of lovely subalpine, ponderosa, and Engelmann trees, just 30 minutes east of Seattle and Tacoma.

Maple Valley, with its magical and enchanting air, occupies an area of 5.8 square miles.

Maple Valley WA Real Estate

Imagine living in these surroundings.

Imagine being in one of Maple Valley’s many luxurious homes that have been designed specifically for homeowners who want nothing but the best out of their property.

Real estate agents are flooding the area hoping to make that sale but you should always consider the level of expertise that an agent has on the community and the homes available.

In Maple Valley you’ll find:

  • Luxury condominiums with stellar craftsmanship
  • Split-level homes perfect for summer
  • Charming single-family country homes in serene neighborhoods

Maple Valley at a glance

  • Maple Valley is one of the fastest growing areas in Washington, with a population of around 24, 200.
  • Lake Wilderness Park is a famous destination in Maple Valley because it offers plenty of fun-filled activities like fishing, boat launching, barbecues, tennis, baseball, and many more. It is also the site for special community events like Music in the Park, Family Night: Concert and Movie under the Stars, and a Homemade Pie Baking Contest.
  • Maple Valley has all the necessary community organizations and attractions such as a historical society, community center, farmer’s market, and library.
  • Retail marijuana is legal in Maple Valley. Those who use medical cannabis or maintain collective gardens only need to adhere to the limits imposed by the city to use and produce weed.

Homes for Sale in Maple Valley WA

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