Windermere Foundation Recipient: Backpack Meals

IMG_1904We’re highlighting another Eastside Windermere Foundation recipient today making a difference in our local community. Backpack Meals for Kids provides free, easy-to-make meals each Friday for children so they have food to eat over the weekend. Backpacks are also provided free to children who need them when they join the program. This grant provides weekend meals to Bellevue students who are homeless and would otherwise go hungry.

DSC01303Backpack Meals for Kids serves the nearly 200 homeless children in Bellevue. Over 4,000 students from low-income families qualify for free or reduced priced meals, including:
• 69% of students at Lake Hills Elementary
• 47% of students at Highland Middle School
• 41% of students at Sammamish High School

For too many children in the Bellevue Public Schools, the only meals they eat are at school. On the weekends, they go hungry. Backpack Meals for Kids is working to fill that gap.

Thank you for making a difference for children in our community, Backpack Meals!

Visit their website to find out more and see how you can help support them as they prepare for the new school year.

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Windermere Foundation Recipient: Valley Renewal Center

IMG_1887We have another fantastic organization to highlight from last year’s Eastside Windermere Foundation recipients. The Valley Renewal Center supports and shelters homeless individuals and families in the Snoqualmie Valley. This grant will provide food, toiletries, clothing, blankets and more to homeless families.

valleyrenewalThe Valley Renewal Center is made up of Snoqualmie Valley community members who have a passion for helping our homeless population connect with the care and services they need. The Valley Renewal Center manages the Snoqualmie Valley Winter Shelter, which provides a warm, safe place for up to 40 homeless men, women and families to sleep, share a meal and access much-needed resources to help move them toward a more stable lifestyle.

The mission of the Valley Renewal Center is to provide a warm, safe place where the homeless can be protected against the impact of sleeping in the cold, wet, and snowy conditions during the winter. Additionally, their secondary mission is to help people move towards stable and independent living through building relationships and connecting them to resources that can help them move forward.

Find out how you can help Valley Renewal Center on their website.

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Windermere Helps Hopelink

hopelinkWindermere Kirkland Northeast will be teaming up with Hopelink at a local food bank. Hopelink is a community action agency that has served homeless and low-income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities since 1971. The agency has five multi-purpose service centers, and five housing sites throughout north and east King County. The service centers are equipped with food banks, and a staff of specialists offering various support programs, such as family development, adult education, employment training, home heating assistance and more.

IMG_0769-2The staff and brokers from Windermere Kirkland Northeast will be working at a local Hopelink food bank on Friday. Some of the brokers will be out collecting donations for the food bank. Everyone else will be very busy at the facility sorting all the food that came in from the National Letter Carriers food drive a few weeks ago. Remember the blue bag on your mailbox?

Want to find out more about Hopelink? Visit their website and see how you can connect with them online!


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Windermere Helps Northshore Senior Center

NSC_logoWindermere Northlake will be spending their Friday out with the Northshore Senior Center for Community Service Day 2015. The Northshore Senior Center is a community where everyone leads full, healthy, and inspired lives. Founded in 1972, the Senior Center has grown from a small band of 50 older adults to a lively community of over 7,400 in 2008. NSC has been affiliated with Senior Services of Seattle/King County since 1982. Over 500 dedicated volunteers in self-directed teams, with the support of staff, have designed and monitored every aspect of programming, bringing ever changing and vital programs and services to those over 55, and adults of all ages with disabilities.

NSC2The brokers and staff of Windermere Northlake will be doing plenty of yard work and landscaping for the NSC facility. They have a full day planned with weeding, trimming and planting the flower beds. By the end of the day on Friday, the gardens will look bright and colorful for summer!

Want to find out more about Northshore Senior Center? Visit their website or follow them on Facebook!


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Windermere Helps Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center

LittleBitTomorrow the staff and brokers at Windermere Bellevue Commons will be spending their day volunteering at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center for Community Service Day 2015. Little Bit’s mission is to improve the bodies, minds, and spirits of children and adults with disabilities through equine-assisted therapy and activities, and to be an inspiration and educational resource to the therapeutic riding profession, both regionally and nationally. Their programs, Adaptive Riding and Hippotherapy, provide life-changing physical benefits like hand-eye coordination, strengthening muscles, and preventing bone weakness. They also helps other aspects of daily living such as promoting confidence and independence and improving communication skills.

BellevueCommonsThis is the fifteenth year Windermere Bellevue Commons has spent Community Service Day with Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center. This year, they’ll be replacing rail posts, cleaning fencing, weeding, pressure washing and planting flowers. Their indoor activities will be stuffing packets, cleaning the staff and family lounge, ironing ribbons, cleaning the kitchen and readying the facility for their horse shows. The volunteers also have a couple big projects outside including building a shed and staining the loafing sheds.

Want to find out more about Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center? Check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!


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Windermere Helps Local Homeowner

RentonWindermere Renton is taking on an admirable project for Community Service Day 2015. On Friday, their office will be closed so staff and brokers can work together to clean up and maintain the yard of a local homeowner facing hardship. The widowed homeowner in the Renton Highlands is in need of help, and with no family around to help maintain her yard and home, the office has stepped forward to lend a helping hand.

The home is on a large property, so the brokers and staff of Windermere Renton will be doing quite a bit of yard work for her that day. They’ll mowing, weeding and cleaning up the yard and garden. They’ll also be spreading beauty bark in the gardens and flower beds to spruce up the property.

Thank you, Windermere Renton, for helping a local homeowner in need!

Renton 3
Renton 2

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Windermere Helps Jubilee Reach

jubileereachOn Friday, Windermere Bellevue will be spending the day out of the office and volunteering with Jubilee REACH for Community Service Day 2015. Jubilee REACH continues to meet Bellevue’s evolving needs by focusing on core values: Relationship, Education, Assistance, Community and Hospitality, or R.E.A.C.H. Wrap-around services that include 36 community programs, 38 Club Jubilee programs that run in 7 middle schools and 3 elementary schools, and their thrift store mean they can R.E.A.C.H. throughout Bellevue to provide assistance to those in need.

BellevueThe staff and brokers at Windermere Bellevue will be helping Jubilee REACH at their main location with plenty of landscaping such as weeding, mowing, edging and prepping the gardens for summer. They’ll also be pressure washing walkways and driveways to clean-up after the winter. Inside, they’ll be painting the rooms and hallways and washing windows to brighten everything up!

Want to learn more about Jubilee REACH? Check out their website and find out how to contact and follow them online!


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Windermere Helps Attain Housing in Kirkland

Attain-Housing-Logo-KITHOn Friday, Windermere Kirkland Yarrow Bay will be partnering with Attain Housing at a Kirkland location for Community Service Day 2015. Their mission is to bring the community together and partner with homeless families by providing affordable housing and empowering them with practical case management and hope. Attain Housing helps homeless and at-risk families with children in King County to become stable and self-sufficient. First, they stabilizes families in 32 Attain Housing apartments and in units owned by others. Then, the organization assists the families with services, including case management, which helps them make lasting life changes, leading to permanent housing.

YarrowBayWindermere Kirkland Yarrow Bay will be spending their Friday at Attain Housing’s Salisbury Court homes to help clean up and prepare the homes for summer. They’ll be organizing some storage units, pressure washing driveways and decks, and helping prep the garden boxes with donated vegetable plants. Weeding, spreading bark, trimming trees and other landscaping projects will also be going on throughout the day. They’ve even secured a donated dishwasher and will be installing that in one unit!

Want to learn more about Attain Housing? Visit their website and follow their new Facebook page!


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Windermere Helps Mercerdale Park

signWindermere Mercer Island will be getting together to clean up Mercerdale Park for Community Service Day 2015. Mercerdale Park is located in the heart of downtown Mercer Island. In addition to trails and plenty of open space, Mercerdale has open picnic areas, an expanded skateboard park, a children’s play area, and soon to be added in the plaza area – the Veteran’s Recognition Project. The park is home to Mostly Music in the Park, Summer Celebration and a variety of other events and activities throughout the year.

MercerIslandTo get the park ready for the numerous summer activities, Windermere Mercer Island will be helping to prep and clean for all of its visitors! They’re going to be working on weeding and cleaning out the garden areas and flower beds throughout the park and around the sign. They’ll also be bringing in plenty of new bark to spread in the gardens.

Want to learn more about Mercerdale Park? Visit the City of Mercer Island website for more information!

Mercer Island 2
Mercer Island 1

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