Acreage Living

It’s what fantasies are made of…

Pack up a life led in a cramped apartment and move to a place with plenty of space.

Where the greenery isn’t confined to a pot of soil or a patch of dirt on the pavement; the sky isn’t blocked by another building; and the air is free of smoke or smog.

Life in Open Spaces

Imagine a change of scenery that involves an unmatched view of rolling hills, expansive fields, and a sense of quiet wonder at just how big and beautiful the world truly is.

And this can be a reality with acreage living.

It is a call back to the simple joys of life away from the hustle and bustle of the metro.


From growing your own vegetables and herbs, raising a few farm animals, or even building your own fence, acreage living depends on what you do with the land.

You’re free to do as you please but bear in mind that you must take care of your acreage as much as it takes care of you. This is the true meaning of simple living.

It can prove to be challenging, but the secret to carrying on is to look up from your tasks and take in the big picture. Realize just how full of potential all that land is.

The Simple Life Setup

Before you purchase a 5-acre farm, make sure you’ve covered the following:

  • The local zoning codes to make sure that whatever you intend to do with the property is allowed
  • Your source of water and power
  • The estimated cost of the upkeep and improvementof your property
  • Access to, from, and within the property. Are there roads? If not, how much will they cost to build?

These are concerns that need serious attention to ensure you get to utilize the property as you envisioned it.

Acreage Living – King County WA Real Estate

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